Don Whiteside & Susan Fussell
Hey, That's a NICE MIRROR
Sterling, VA | Arlington, VA
(571) 218-7053

Frequently Asked Questions:









Where are you located?
We work mainly in Sterling, Va. We do not, however, have a store front or studio. You can see our mirrors at various arts and crafts festivals. Find out where we'll be next.


Who makes the mirrors?
We make everything ourselves. Don does the woodwork and Susan does the glass work. Don also does all the heavy lifting, but Susan is cuter.

Do you accept custom orders?
We sure do. Just let us know what size mirror you'd like, what color you want it to be, what kind of tiles you want and - well, actually, just open this file ... it tells you everything you need to know.

What else do you make?
Mirrors are our specialty, but we also make coasters, trivets, jewelry boxes, lamps, Christmas ornaments and magnets. Take a look.

Do you make "skinny" mirrors? Can you make me look better in this mirror?
You're already beautiful. Hey, do you have plans Friday night?

What are those tiles?
The tiles on our mirrors are made from stained glass - the same kind that's used in windows. The glass comes in a big sheet and we cut it down to the size we need. Most of our tiles are squares, but we occasionally make mirrors and glassware with odd-sized tiles. Those pieces take more time because everything has to be fitted together like a puzzle - but they are fun.

How long does it take to make a mirror?
In total, it takes about 8 days to make a mirror ... but there is a lot of waiting for things like stain and glue and tile adhesive to dry. We also can work on more than one mirror at a time.

How did you come up with your name?
We spent a lot of time at craft markets. Usually people walking by our booth say one of the following things:

- "Hey, that's a nice mirror."
- "Hey, that's a cool mirror."
- "Hey, that mirror looks like it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright."
(Okay - that was only said once, but it was a high point for us!)

We thought, "Hey, that's a nice mirror" sounded the best. What do you think?

Do you deliver?
Yup - as long as you live in the Washington, DC metro area. There is no extra charge for this service.

Do you ship?
Sure, but you'll have to add shipping costs. Because we're generally nice people, we do not upcharge for shipping - you'll just pay what UPS charges.